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Car Leasing Poem!

What’s the catch?

“What’s the Catch?” I hear them say,
“I’ve never thought of leasing a car this way”,
“You just pay for the 12 months and hand it back?”
“This is so different from the rest of the pack!”

Our model is simple, we keep it so,
Ensures our customers know where to go,
We buy the cars, take all the risk,
Then pass on the savings, nice and brisk.

“What about maintenance?” most request,
12 Months Manufacturer’s warranty covers you best,
“What happens if my circumstances change?”
12 Month flexibility means you can re-arrange.

To be tied in for 3 years or more,
Is a big problem most can’t ignore,
Not to mention tyres, servicing, maintenance, wear and tear,
Remove all those costs and get a brand-new vehicle each year!

The choice is now yours, don’t delay,
Our friendly team are here night and day,
Volvo, Renault, Ford or even a Beemer,
You have to make sure your choice is Sema!

Author – Sema Lease Team

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