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Why choose Sema Lease over other suppliers?

Our purchasing power allows us to make a saving, we pass those savings onto our customers. We also are one of the only leasing companies to not charge an admin/set up fee! 

Isn't a 12-month Contract more expensive?

We compare our lease values against market rate to ensure that there is not a premium on having the enhanced flexibility of a 12-Month contract. 

Can you arrange sign-writing for my vehicle?

At point of order, please let our friendly team know your requirements and we can arrange for the vehicle(s) to be sign written or put you in touch with our supplier to give you discounted rates! 

I have looked on the internet and can see vehicles much cheaper, why?

You have to ensure that you are taking the full contract cost for the vehicle and comparing like for like. By this, you have to check what deposit you are being asked for and then factor that into the overall deal. For example, lots of leasing deals could be a 9+23 (32 Payments in total) which makes the monthly rentals slightly cheaper, but in total you will end up paying more! Also, then with hidden admin fees and set up charges as well. To compare, take the full deal, work out the total over the period and then divide that by the number of months, this will then give you the total cost for comparison. 

What are the benefits of a 12-month contract?

One of the key benefits as listed by our customers is the flexibility. You are not tied into a lengthy contract and it protects you if your circumstances change. 

You are also doing you part for the environment by driving a new vehicle and also saving yourself money with a more fuel-efficient engine! Plus, you get a brand-new car every year! 

  • Flexibility
  • Less Maintenance
  • Brand New Car Every Year
  • Fuel Efficient


What happens at the end of the 12-month agreement?

Towards the end of the contract, we will contact you to brief you on the new vehicles we have, we will also schedule in our independent inspection company to meet with you, to check the car and then to take it away. If you have ordered a new vehicle then we will swap them over at this point. 

You don’t have to worry about a reminder as our systems will ensure that we will get in touch at least 6 weeks before the due date!

What happens if I find I am doing more miles than I anticipated?

When we calculate the payments, it is based on the mileage that you have specified. That is why it is important that we set an accurate mileage for you at the start, if however,  you want to increase the mileage, we can do so within the first 3 months of the agreement which will increase your monthly payments

What if I want a different payment profile or different mileage allowance

As standard, our deals are calculated on 10, 15 & 20k per annum. We can however tailor a solution that best fits your needs. Please speak to our team to arrange a quote. 

I would like a car on 12 Months, but you don’t have it on your site…?

We purchase large volumes of cars, usually in the same specification (This is how we achieve competitiveness). We do however have a network that we can also tap into, so please do ask if you have a specific vehicle and we will do our best to source you a quote.

How quickly can I get my new car?

If you are an existing customer (and providing the car is in stock) we can deliver on the same day your existing vehicle comes off. 

New customers should expect between 2-4 weeks from point of order. We have to conduct a reference check and arrange logistics once that is completed. 

Do I need insurance?

Yes, you will need to arrange insurance for the vehicle from the commencement date of your contract. 

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