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Why choose short-term leasing?

Why short-term leasing is right for you?

Easy to use & Flexibility:

Our friendly trained staff can advise you on what mileage choice will work best for your own situation prior to agreeing a deal, we can also advise on what make, model or type of vehicle will suit your needs best. Sema Lease then arrange for the delivery of your new vehicle to any allocated place within the UK at the start of your lease.

Then when you are a few weeks out from the end of the 12 Months, we make contact to discuss a new vehicle and arrange the collection of your current vehicle too! In the interests of fairness, we use an independent vehicle collection company who perform a ‘defleet’ check at the end of the lease to ensure that any damage is reported and then they take the car away.


In today’s world, no one wants to be tied into long term contracts. Yes, with a longer term deal you can have lower payments, but that is compared to today’s prices and you can then end up tied into a longer-term arrangement where you are paying much more for a 2 or 3-year-old vehicle than you would be for one brand new.

The flexibility of only having 12 months to commit to gives you peace of mind that if your situation changes then you won’t have large cancelation fees to pay. For example, any health issues or changes to your working situation.

The other key benefit is that there are no unforeseen charges during the period of the lease. As all manufactures provide at least 12 Months warranty, you know that if there are any issues with the vehicle, it will be covered by the manufacturer. This means what you pay per month is what you can forecast into your monthly spending without worry.

Safety & The Environment:

Manufacturers are always looking to improve the Safety of their product and this takes place on a constant basis. By buying new cars and only having them out for 12 Months means that we benefit from new safety measures in all vehicles. The integration of new technology to improve safety is a constant driving force in the industry and we again benefit from this by investing in the most up to date vehicles.

Another very important issue surrounds the environment and the impact that using a vehicle has to each an every one of us. By driving a car that is under 12 Months old, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the most fuel efficient and cleanest versions of that engine. Also, with the introduction of the new WLTP testing for emissions, all new cars purchased by Sema Lease will have been tested under the new legislation.

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